DiCoFi Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant on San Agustín Street

Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant at DiCoFi

Authentic Vietnamese Food at DiCoFi

Last Friday a couple of friends of mine opened a restaurant in Makati called DiCoFi. The story behind the name is that it means Coffee To Go. The restaurant is a Vietnamese coffee house that serves breakfast and light snacks.

I tried the pork with rice and what a delight! The taste was refreshingly good. Since I know the owners – we also got a few deserts on the house for trying out. A real treat and everything at a pleasure. […]

Winamp2 JS

This is currently what my TV set is playing at home. Using an old school music player ported to HTML5 and JavaScript I can easily load and play music on my TV – using ChromeCast in my case. A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and Javascript http://jordaneldredge.com/projects/winamp2-js/ Source: github.com/captbaritone