A visit at Tiveden Nationalpark – Swedish hidden secret part

I went to Sweden last summer to catch up a little bit with my family. As Sweden is really beautiful in the summer time, I planned to do a little bit of traveling once there. Tiveden Nationalpark is one of the most beautiful places to visit, a really old forest treasure between Karlsborg and Askersund, Read more about A visit at Tiveden Nationalpark – Swedish hidden secret part[…]

DiCoFi Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant on San Agustín Street

Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant at DiCoFi

Authentic Vietnamese Food at DiCoFi

Last Friday a couple of friends of mine opened a restaurant in Makati called DiCoFi. The story behind the name is that it means Coffee To Go. The restaurant is a Vietnamese coffee house that serves breakfast and light snacks.

I tried the pork with rice and what a delight! The taste was refreshingly good. Since I know the owners – we also got a few deserts on the house for trying out. A real treat and everything at a pleasure. […]