DiCoFi Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant on San Agustín Street

Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant at DiCoFi

Authentic Vietnamese Food at DiCoFi

Last Friday a couple of friends of mine opened a restaurant in Makati called DiCoFi. The story behind the name is that it means Coffee To Go. The restaurant is a Vietnamese coffee house that serves breakfast and light snacks.

I tried the pork with rice and what a delight! The taste was refreshingly good. Since I know the owners – we also got a few deserts on the house for trying out. A real treat and everything at a pleasure.

Today to follow up I tried Jinnie’s Signature Rice Paper Pizza. A crisp Vietnamese pizza, without bread, without cheese. Perfect for me since I am on a non dairy non wheat diet.

Viatnamese Pizza

Opening hours if you want authentic Vietnamese food and coffee is 8am – 10pm. Location: Valero Plaza, San Agustín Street, right next to Sultans.